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The status of my playlist has changed
The status of my playlist has changed
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The status of your playlist can change from Meets the requirements to Does not meet the requirements if we notice any unusual activity on your account. These are the most common situations.

1) System abuse

If you have a playlist with lots of followers but only add tracks to lower-ranked ones, this can lead us to believe that you are using our rating system to boost your scores and payouts but not to help our artists. You aren’t obligated to add a song if you don't like it, but please keep in mind that your commitment to us and to our artists is to help them to get discovered.

2) Fraudulent activity

If you are boosting your scores by using bots or fake/non-active followers, we will be forced to block you from our platform until we can confirm that your playlist meets our requirements and generates value for our artists.

3) You have lost followers on your playlists

Your playlist’s follower count affects your score. If for any reason you lose some of them, your playlist’s status and rank will be impacted accordingly.

What if I believe I’ve done nothing wrong?

We will always be here to hear you out, so please reach out to us via our live chat on our website.

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