How do I set up my playlists?

Learn how to add your playlists to our platform with this short guide.

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1) Add your playlists to our platform.

After you’ve registered, you will have two options:

  • import your playlists from Spotify right away

  • add your playlists manually

We recommend that you select the first option, as it will automatically add your playlists from Spotify. If you choose to add your playlists manually, you will need to copy/paste the URLs of the playlists you would like to add one at a time.

2) Select the genres relevant to your playlist so that you can receive songs for review based on them.

You will need to choose between 2 and 10 genres that you consider most applicable to your playlist.

We will offer you a list of genres to choose from based on the information we get from Spotify about the artists in your playlist. This way, we can avoid our curators selecting irrelevant genres and receiving songs unrelated to their playlists.

Make sure you have correctly selected your genres/subgenres. We will expect you to provide reviews for songs within these genres.

3) If your new playlist meets our requirements, it will be sent for review. Our checks to make sure your playlist following is fully real and organic can take up to 14 days.

As soon as your playlist is approved, its status will change to "Activated"

4) You’re ready to go!

You will start receiving songs for review at this point. Please be patient, as the number of songs you receive depends on how many of our artists are sending songs within your genre.

If your playlist doesn't meet our requirements, it won't be approved.

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