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Curators' dictionary: basic terminology
Curators' dictionary: basic terminology

Basic concepts you need to know to understand our platform better.

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We want you to get familiar with some basic terminology to make your interaction with our platform more seamless.

  • Rank: the points-based system we use to classify our curators and establish how much they are paid. Rankings go from level 1 at the lowest to level 15 at the highest.

  • Playlist score: the number of points a playlist has, which determines the playlist’s rank. You can increase this score by helping artists get discovered on Spotify and gain listeners.

  • Payout: the payment our curators can receive for the reviews they provide. Payouts are sent through bank transfer to your bank account using Wise.

  • Status of your playlist: shows whether your playlist qualifies to be used on our platform. There are two possible statuses: 'Meets conditions' and 'Doesn’t meet conditions'.

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