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How does the validation process for curators work?
How does the validation process for curators work?

If your account's status is ''In Validation'', this article will help you to understand how the process works.

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At SoundCampaign, we are very deliberate when it comes to deciding which curators will be part of our network. Therefore, we have formal procedures for this process, and one of the most important ones is the validation for our curators.

How does it work?

Our team will manually check your playlists (relying on proprietary and third-party tools, as well as on Spotify's official data) in order to see how well they are providing value for our artists who have songs placed on them in terms of helping artists be discovered by new listeners and boosting their general stats (saves, new followers, etc.).

Since we need to look at the potential and activity of your listeners before you officially join us, we need until you have added a song from one of our artists in order to see what kind of impact a placement on your playlist provides. This can cause a slight delay in the validation process.

We will also check to make sure your playlist has only organic growth and listeners, and that it meets the other requirements listed here.

What does this process entail?

While your account is being validated, it will have some restrictions applied to it:

1) Regardless of your ranking, your payment for song reviews will be set at 1 USD. This means that even if your score is high enough to otherwise entitle you to a higher pay rate, you will temporarily be kept at this rate until we have finished making sure that everything is in order.

2) If you earn extra points whilst your account is in validation, it will not immediately impact your earnings. As stated above, you will be paid 1 USD per song reviewed until your account/playlists are fully approved. However, once your account has been successfully verified, the points you accrued while awaiting validation will become active, and they will impact be applied to calculating your upcoming pay rate.

3) Since we receive many applications per day from new curators, the validation process may take a while to conclude.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. Feel free to contact our support and check on your status if your validation is taking too long.

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