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How SoundCampaign works for curators: the basics
How SoundCampaign works for curators: the basics

Read this article to better understand what it means to be a curator, what is required to be one, and how being a curator can benefit you.

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What's my role as a curator?

At SoundCampaign, we send you tracks that we think are a good match for your playlists so that you can review them and consider adding them.

If a track doesn't fit your playlist for some reason, we expect you to provide the artist with an honest but respectful review of their tracks.

The purpose of this arrangement is to provide value to the artists and help them get discovered by listeners of your playlists, as well as to offer them insights and feedback on their work based on your expertise.

What are the requirements to be a curator?

To become one of our curators, you need to have a playlist with at least 20 tracks and at least 1000 followers. All of these followers must be real and organic – no bots!

Our system will check for any unusual activity on your playlist, and if we detect even one fake follower, we won’t be able to accept you until your playlist is clean.

These checks are conducted regularly to make sure everything is as it should be.

Check out the full curator guidelines to have a clear understanding of our partnership.

How much will I get paid as a curator?

The size of your reward is determined by our 15-position ranking system based on scores. Each playlist has a rank within this system. When you provide a review, your reward will depend on which playlist was matched for this review.

Rewards range between $1 per review for the lowest-ranking playlists to $14 per review for the highest.

Playlist rankings are set based on playlist follower counts and the value that playlist adds provide to artists (in terms of streams, new followers, etc.)

You can find more information about our ranking system on the 'Rank' page located on the left sidebar menu on your curator dashboard.

What's my initial score?

Upon joining SoundCampaign platform first, your reward is set at $1 per review until your account is validated. Our moderators will observe your playlists, placements, and reviews for a while before providing this validation.

As soon as your account is approved, your rewards will be set according to the playlist scores you earn.

Your initial playlist score is the number of followers on each playlist divided into 3.

​Let’s say you join SoundCampaign with two playlists, each with 2000 followers. Each of those playlists will have a score of 667 (2000/3), which corresponds with level 1.

​Extra points are added to your playlist score for certain positive activity on our platform, such as keeping a song on your playlist for at least 7 days, receiving positive feedback from artists for your reviews, or keeping a track in the top 3 spots of your playlist. These can help you achieve a higher rank and increase your review reward, as you are helping artists to get discovered on Spotify.

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