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How does the scoring system work?
How does the scoring system work?

Our scoring system uses playlist-based ranks.

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Each of your playlists will have a separate score, and your payment for the reviews you provide will depend on the score of the playlist the song is matched with.

How do you calculate the rank of each playlist?

The score for each playlist is calculated as follows:

1) The basic score of your playlist.

This equals your playlist’s total number of followers divided by 3.

2) The extra points you have earned over the past few days.

These extra points are tied to the songs from our artists that you have helped to be discovered by new listeners on your playlists. To accrue these points, your playlist followers must be active and listen to the tracks you add.

In addition, you can earn more extra points by keeping a song on your playlist for a longer time, and by having your reviews rated as helpful by our artists.

With the extra points, you can increase your playlist level by a maximum of 2. For instance, if your current level stands at 5, you could boost it to a maximum of 7 using the extra points. To increase your playlist level further, you will need to work on increasing the number of followers you have.

How many extra points will I earn?

We cannot tell you how many extra points you will earn. Your extra points will depend on your playlist’s level of engagement, and this is different for every user. Our goal is to maximize curators' potential to generate value for our artists.

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