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How to set your Spotify campaign up for success
How to set your Spotify campaign up for success
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Steps to run a successful campaign:

  • Make sure the production of your song is high-quality.

Playlist curators have high standards, so having a well-produced song is important to increase the chances of being playlisted.

  • Choose a song that connects with listeners.

Professional quality is crucial, but the song should also resonate emotionally with the audience. Look at its popularity on platforms like Spotify or get feedback from your team. Curators will only select songs they genuinely enjoy and think their audience will love.

  • Check if your song fits the genres covered by the SoundCampaign network.

There’s a wide variety of genres and playlists on our platform, but if your song is in a niche genre, it might be challenging to find suitable playlists for it.

  • Aim to target enough playlists.

More playlists mean more exposure and increase chances of being playlisted. You can choose the number of playlists during the campaign setup by selecting all suitable genres and sub-genres for your campaign.

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