How to set up a winning campaign

We do not guarantee specific results, however, we can share some winning tips with you.

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SoundCampaign does not guarantee any specific results but we can give you some valuable tips that have worked for our artists.

Get a proper master

Quality plays an important role when it comes to being added to a playlist. Curators are usually expecting high-quality audio and a decent master of your track.

Do a market-research

Think about it like a business.

Would you launch a product to the market without having it tested before by an experimental public? Music works in a similar way.

Target the right amount of playlists

You need to be strategic with the number of genres and playlists you choose.

We will show you the number of playlists with your genres. The more genres, the better chances to get heard.

Target suitable music genres

Choose only the genres that match yours. For example, your song's primary genre can be Electro-pop but you might target other relevant ones like Dance-Pop or Indie-Pop.

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