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We can't predict how many playlist placements your campaign will get. Playlist placement can depend on the following:

  • Genres and sub-genres selected for the campaign

  • Relevance to the playlist (its dynamics, loudness, mood, etc.)

  • Personal taste of curator

  • Quality of your track

The curators have total freedom when it comes to deciding which songs they would like to add to their playlists. We don’t interfere in this process as we want it to be fair and transparent.

Every time your song is added to a playlist, you’ll get an email notification and it’ll also be displayed on your artist dashboard on our website.

Tips to enhance your possibility of getting into playlists:

1) Choose the right genres and language settings for your campaign. Pay attention to selecting general genres, like "pop" or "rap”. Make sure your track is not too specific, otherwise, it’s better to select specific sub-genres.

2) Get your song sent to a bigger number of curators: the more curators, the more playlist considerations. Small campaigns have fewer chances to reach really good placements.

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