Do you guarantee results?

Since the success of your campaign depends on a variety of factors, SoundCampaign can’t guarantee any specific results.

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The success of your campaign depends on the following:

  • Number of curators who will receive your song

  • Number of playlists the track will be added to

  • Quality of your track

  • Correct selection of genres

  • Size and activity of playlists you were added to

SoundCampaign doesn't guarantee any specific results. Our mission is to help you get connected with independent Spotify playlist curators from all over the world and receive their feedback about your track. Our curators have solid experience in the music industry and their reviews can help you understand if you’re moving in the right direction and what needs to be done for your song to get heard.

We can’t guarantee that your song will be added to the playlist or will receive a certain number of streams. If the curators like your track, there’s a high chance it can be added to their playlist, however, this is left to their discretion. SoundCampaign does not take responsibility for the curator’s decisions.

From our side, we do everything possible to control the quality of curators and playlists. So, you can report any case of a suspicious curator or low-quality playlist to our support team.

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