How to set up your Spotify campaign

After receiving our A&R team's email, you will need to schedule and launch your campaign.

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Open the email from SoundCampaign and follow the "Start campaign" link.

Now follow these steps:

1) Select the genres and language for your track

Choose the genres and click "Add genres". We don't recommend selecting more than 5 genres for the song.

Choose the language of your song and click "Add language".

These settings will affect the number of playlists selected for your budget, so feel free to experiment with them to find the best option. Ensure only relevant genres are selected.

2) Select the start date

Your campaign will start in 24 hours days by default. If you would like to postpone the start date, click the "Change" option in Campaign details.

3) Set campaign budget

Select or enter the budget you are willing to invest in your promotion. Based on your budget, the system will select the relevant playlists for your track. Playlists with the biggest number of matching genres will be prioritized.

Curators' reach shows the maximum number of curators available within your budget. It depends on the number of followers the playlists have.

Campaign reach is the percentage of curators you can reach with your campaign settings out of all curators who work with chosen genres and languages. If you set the budget to the maximum, the percentage will change to 100%.

4) Confirm and pay

Finally, check if everything is set up as desired and proceed with the payment by clicking ''Confirm & Pay''.

Note: You can add a promotional code by clicking the "+promo code" option and typing the code manually before clicking Confirm & Pay.

And that's it!

Your campaign has been successfully scheduled, set up, paid, and will start running on the selected date for up to 14 days.

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