What is Tracks Feed?

What is the difference between Reviews and Tracks Feed?

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What is the Tracks Feed?

The Tracks feed is our matching approach that makes the process more flexible and gives the curator a wider choice in selecting relevant tracks.

What are the characteristics of the Tracks Feed?

The Tracks Feed provides a broad selection of tracks available for all curators who own relevant playlists. Each track is available until its budget for reviews is spent. Once the last review is submitted and the last reward is spent, the track will no longer be available in the Tracks Feed.

How does the Tracks Feed page work?

You can see up to 10 tracks on the page. The total number of available tracks is listed next to the label “Awaiting review.”

The tracks are available to listen directly on the list.

You can sort tracks by date added, genres matched, and a number of matched playlists to prioritize the most relevant ones.

If you want to refresh your list of tracks and get the latest offers, you can do so by:

  • completing reviews

  • skipping the tracks you don’t like

  • sorting the tracks by any parameter

After you’ve clicked the Review button, the track will be reserved for you for 15 minutes. If you don’t complete the review within this time, another curator will have an opportunity to reserve it as well.

There is a limitation: you can complete a maximum of 20 reviews per day.

What are the benefits of Tracks Feed?

Curators have access to a wide variety of tracks with the ability to choose the ones that best fit their playlists. This way, you can adjust the automatic matching by the personal selection, skip tracks that are less relevant, and pick the ones you like most.

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