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Terms and conditions for curators

Being a curator on SoundCampaign is an amazing experience, but it requires commitment and responsibility.

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Being a curator at SoundCampaign can be a huge benefit for you.

Nevertheless, in addition to those benefits, there are responsibilities and rules we need you to abide by if you want to be a part of our prestigious community of curators.

We’ll ask you to agree to our Terms of Use upon joining our community. Violation of any of our guidelines will result in the suspension of your account. Even though we provide you with total freedom to make decisions regarding your playlists, these requirements are basic rules that must be followed.

We expect you to be professional, be respectful, use technical/music vocabulary to deliver a clear review that provides value to the artist, add tracks to your playlist if you like them, and use only playlists with real, organiс, and active listeners.

Requirements for your playlists

There are 3 major requirements your playlists must meet to join our network:

1) No fewer than 1000 followers.

2) A minimum of 20 tracks.

3) Organically-gained and active listeners.

When you apply as a curator, your account/playlist goes through both our manual and automated quality control processes. Further checks are conducted to make sure everything is genuine. Your activity will be also checked manually before each payout to confirm our rules have been followed. If at any time our system detects you’re using bots (fake followers), our A&R is notified about it.

Expected behaviors

  • We expect you to listen to the songs thoroughly when reviewing them, paying close attention to sound quality and making sure that there is nothing to distract you while you listen.

  • We expect your review to be detailed and explanatory, aimed at helping artists to develop and improve.

  • We expect you to keep track on your playlist for at least 7 days so that the artist can receive streams from your playlist.

Forbidden behaviors

The following actions will be treated as neglecting our principles, and can result in the termination of your account:

  • Submitting a review without listening to the song.

  • Sharing personal or contact information in your reviews.

  • Contacting artists outside of our platform.

  • Leaving vague, abstract, and generic reviews such as ''Good track but it doesn't fit my playlist.'' Artists are expecting useful feedback.

  • Adding a song and not keeping it for at least 7 days.

  • Reporting technical issues in review instead of contacting support.

Playlist matching

We expect curators to set up only relevant genres and vocal settings for their playlists. Adding a specific genre to the playlist means the curator is ready to review all songs falling into any of the selected genres.

The curator is expected to review and consider adding matched songs to their playlists.

If a playlist’s name contains a genre in it, then all main genres, as well as subgenres, which are selected for the playlist must be related to it. For example, for a playlist named ‘Folk favorites’, all selected genres should be related to folk, i.e. folk, folk-popup, folk modern, etc.

If a track is matched based on selected genres, but a curator refuses to add it because of the track’s genre, it may lead us to believe that the genre settings were set incorrectly by the curator. This would cause us to withdraw payment.

Requirements for your reviews

  1. As the artist pays for a review and the curator’s remuneration is covered by this payment, curators are expected to provide value to artists and to be objective, detailed, and professional in their reviews.

  2. For any review-related issues, curators must contact our support team instead of mentioning them in the review.

  3. We expect curators to add a track to their playlist if it fits.

  4. If a track doesn't fit a curator’s playlist due to any technical issues on the platform, the curator must report it to the support team.

  5. If a curator is unable to provide a quality relevant review for any reason, it’s recommended to skip or ignore it.

  6. If an artist disputes the review and the complaint is found to be justified, the curator’s payment for that review will be withdrawn.

Curator moderation and termination

  1. We pay a great deal of attention to the quality of curators and playlists on our platform, as our artists' satisfaction and our platform’s reputation depend on it.

  2. All playlists and curators are reviewed manually and carefully monitored for any signs of improper use of our platform by curators, such as fake followers, poor-quality reviews, etc.

  3. Our moderators can block a curator’s account or deactivate playlists if they detect any instances of suspicious behavior. Curators can contact our support team to receive a detailed explanation in case of account deactivation.

  4. If an artist reports a review, their case will be investigated and might result in a warning. In situations where a warning has already been given but conditions are violated again, the curator could be blocked. Make sure you check our emails regularly to prevent such issues.

  5. The curators might be requested to provide any form of identification to receive the payout. If the curator refuses to provide the required documents, all pending payouts will be canceled.

  6. The usage of a VPN for any reason will lead to the immediate termination of the account. If our platform isn’t supported in the curator’s country, the curator can’t become a part of SoundCampaign. The location of their bank account won’t have any impact in this case.

  7. In case of a breach of our terms and guidelines, all earnings, including pending payouts, will be deleted.

Playlists activation

  1. Each playlist goes through our manual review process and gets activated by our moderators only if all requirements are met.

  2. If any suspicious signs related to having fake followers or a sudden drop in the number of listeners/streams for playlists are noticed, moderators can deactivate the playlist. In this case, all pending reviews will be canceled for it.

So long as you, as a curator, have good and honest intentions regarding your activity on our platform, our partnership with you will be mutually beneficial.

If there is any repeated and/or flagrant violation of our guidelines, however, we will have to terminate our partnership.

Any activity considered as a breach of our Terms of Conditions for the curators will result in the immediate termination of the account. All requested and pending payments will be canceled and/or forfeited. We reserve the right to remove the playlist/account at any given time without prior notice.

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