What is SoundCampaign and how does it work?

Get to know us and how can we impact your music career!

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Who are we?

SoundCampaign is a music promotion company that connects artists with independent Spotify playlist curators around the world, some of whom are record label owners.

We generate valuable interactions for our artists through promotional campaigns that last up to 14 days. The campaign might end earlier if all the reviews have been provided.

During your campaign, we submit your song to independent playlist curators. They will give you an honest and professional opinion about your music. Likewise, curators will do what we call a "playlist consideration", which means that they will decide whether or not to add your music to their playlists. If they do so, this might have an impact on your streams and followers boosting your career.

Note: We do not guarantee that your song will be added to playlists or that it will receive a certain number of streams and followers. This is illegal. We also do not guarantee specific results since the process is natural and organic. However, under our Artist Protection Program, we reimburse our customers whenever curators do not listen to or review their songs.

While your campaign is running, you will get notifications to your email and SoundCampaign account about the partial results. The final results will appear in your account after the campaign is over. You can also promote your song again after the campaign ends, it will be sent to a different group of curators and it will be a completely new experience for you.

How does it work?

The way everything works is very simple:

2) Click on "I Release Music" and then on "Create a campaign".

3) Add your track and continue filling in the required information.

4) Send the campaign for review to our A&R team and wait for their approval.

5) Schedule your campaign and pay for it.

6) Your campaign starts and you wait up to 14 days until it ends.

7) You get a report about your campaign.

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