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The costs of your campaign will be proportionally impacted by the genres you choose and the number of playlist curators who will receive your song.

There are some tips you can take into account when it comes to lowering the price of your campaign.

1) Reduce the number of targeted genres

If you are planning to run a campaign with a tight budget, be selective and strategic with the genres you choose. Tag the most relevant genres only. It might have a huge impact.

2) Set your budget to the minimum

You can also lower the price by choosing the lowest budget option in the Campaign Reach section. It will show you the minimum possible price for your campaign. At the same time lowering the budget will reduce the number of curators and playlists that will receive your song

3) Try choosing another similar genre

Some genres might be more expensive than others due to the impact they have and the number of followers their playlists contain. In this case, you can try to choose music genres similar to the ones you are trying to target. For example, if you were choosing Dance and the prices appeared to be a bit higher than expected, you might try Dance-Pop, Indie Dance genres, etc.

4) Refresh the website

Every time you refresh the website, the price shown for your campaign will change as we assign your song to a totally different group of curators. You can receive a lower price if you try it.

Note: if the price is still not affordable after adjusting the budget to the minimum, more genres need to be removed.

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