At SoundCampaign we have developed a new scoring system that runs the gamut from curators' to artists' necessities, making it a well-assembled system thought to be as fair and effective as possible.

How has changed your new scoring system?

In the past, we used to implement a general rank for curators' accounts, and such a rank would determine the earnings of the curator at stake. However, things have slightly changed.

The new scoring system is based on a playlists-based rank. This means, there's not a general account rank anymore. Rather, each of your playlists will have a separate rank, and according to that rank, you will get paid when you receive a song that is matched to that specific playlists.

How do you calculate the rank of each playlist?

It is pretty simple. The rank of each of your playlists will be calculated on this basis:

1) The basic score of your playlist.

This basic score comes to being after dividing the total followers of a playlist into 3.

2) The extra points you have been earning during the past 90 days.

These extra points are related to the songs from our artists that you have helped to get discovered by new listeners on your playlists. This implies that your playlist followers are active and are in fact listening to the tracks you add.

Extra points that were earned before the 90-day period won't impact your playlist's rank.

In addition, you may get more extra points when you comply with some metrics, for example: keeping a song for a longer time, and getting your review rated as a good one by our artists.

Exactly, how many extra points will I earn?

This information can not be anticipated nor predicted, therefore we can not tell you the exact number of extra points you will get on any of the above-mentioned situations.

Simply put, how many extra points are curators granted varies from case to case. It is different for everyone because all curators have a different engagement and hence a different impact, which will lead to a different acquisition of extra points. Bear in mind that in the end what we are intending to do is maximizing curators' potential to generate value for our artists.

Final considerations

a) Always keep in mind that you have not lost your rank. You simply don't have a general account-based rank anymore, yet you now have a playlists-based rank. You can consult the earnings rate according to the rank by clicking here.

b) You have not lost your previous work with us. Even if your earnings rate may change, you have not lost your previous work because the data we collect includes what you did 90 days before this update came to being, and will keep renewing every 3 months according to your performance.

If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to reach out to us via our website's live chat!

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