As a curator on SoundCampaign, you can mix your two favorite things in the whole world: music and money.

You can help artists from all over the planet earth be discovered and make some profits for doing it. Could you ask for more?

Let's review the benefits:

1) Earn money

Being in your room's comfortability, laid down, and listening to new tracks, all of this while earning money. It sounds like a fantasy, doesn't it? Not anymore.

On our platform, you will get paid for every song you review. Are you ready to get paid up to $14 USD for every single track you listen to?

2) Listen to new music and discover new artists

Most of the artists that contact us are emerging ones. This means that, probably, you have never heard about them and their music before.

It is a great opportunity to discover new songs and including them on your playlist to give it some fresh air that your followers will be thankful for.

3) Build a name

You can start building a name in the music industry and hence obtaining popularity.

Moreover, you will have more insights to become a professional music curator.

4) You have the last word

You will have total control over your playlists. As you might already know, you are not obligated to add a song you tour playlists if you don't like it.

Moreover, from our side, we will respect your creativity and criteria to add songs. Your playlist, your decision.

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