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How to set up a TikTok campaign?
How to set up a TikTok campaign?
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After receiving our A&R team's email, you will need to schedule and launch your campaign.

Open the email from SoundCampaign and follow the "Start campaign" link in it.

Take these steps:

1) Select the genres for your track.

2) Add additional comments for the creators so they know your expectations and can create the videos based on them.

While leaving comments for the creator, please be specific. Leave this field empty if you leave everything up to the creators.

By keeping your instructions straightforward, you increase the likelihood of getting more views for your TikTok campaign.

Make sure the campaign settings are right before proceeding further:

4) Set the campaign budget.

Select or enter the budget you are willing to invest in your promotion. Based on your budget, you will see the estimated number of potential videos that can be created with your song.

Then click "Continue".

5) Select the payment method.

Finally, just check everything is set up as desired and proceed with the payment by clicking ''Confirm & Pay''.

By default, your campaign will start 24 hours after it’s been created.

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