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By accepting a track, you submit an agreement with the artist to provide a TikTok video using the artist’s music. By doing this, you will help gain attention to the artist's music and deliver it to new listeners. The perfect option is to create a video that is engaging and viral.

While creating the video, please make sure it helps to:

  • draw your follower's attention to the track

  • give creative ideas to others for using the song

  • increases changes for the track to go viral and reach bigger audiences

Performance requirements

  • instructions the artist left in the comments to their track are followed

  • video is naturally based on the track’s mood and rhythm

  • notes are hit for lip-sync videos, and your lip movements match the audio

  • lip-sync video is filled with expressing emotions that match the song's lyrics - smiling, pouting, or conveying the appropriate feelings

  • movements or dance are aligned with the rhythm of the song, synchronized with the beat

Video requirements

  • minimum duration is 15 seconds

  • the track is heard well from the beginning to the end of the video - the sound volume is at 90% or higher

  • only unique content that hasn't been used in any other videos on any accounts

  • it features your presence, or at minimum, includes your face

  • the captions are in English or Spanish

Forbidden performance

  • easy-going approach and minimal effort in terms of presentation

  • talking over the promoted sound (unless requested in the instructions)

  • dangerous, illegal, shocking, or disrespectful acts

Forbidden videos/actions in the videos:

  • horizontal videos

  • product placements, ads, taking part in commercial challenges e.g. #tacobellchallenge

  • landscape videos

  • blurred or pixelated videos

  • static images, photos, screen recordings

  • black screens, wall filming

  • 100% based on videos from stock libraries, TV shows, movies, series, sports shows, and meme compilations

  • AI-generated content

  • bots, artificial views, likes, comments

  • turning off comments

  • deleting videos after the campaign ends

Recommendations for creating great videos:

  • incorporate choreography or hand gestures that complement the lyrics to add visual interest and engagement

  • give creative ideas to others for using the song

  • increase changes for the track to go viral and reach bigger audiences

  • experiment with different video effects, such as transitions, jump cuts, and time-lapses

  • use symbols, gestures, and actions that convey deeper meanings or metaphors, allowing viewers to interpret the content on multiple levels

  • seamlessly transition between scenes or actions using inventive techniques, such as match cuts or creative overlays

  • incorporate techniques from cinema, such as framing, tracking shots, and zooms, to add a cinematic quality to your videos

Remember, your video is valuable when it attracts attention to the music itself. It should be kept in your profile for at least 30 days.

Also, remember that TikTok has its own strict Community Guidelines. You must follow them to save your video from being deleted by TikTok’s moderators. Some restrictions from Guidelines:

  • bullying and harassment

  • hateful behavior

  • dangerous acts and challenges

  • minor safety

The full text of TikTok Community Guidelines can be found here.

When you submit a video to SoundCampaign after publishing it on TikTok, the artist will review it and rate it from 1 to 5. In the case of 3, 4, or 5 rates, your payment will be confirmed automatically.

In the case of 1 or 2 rates, the moderator will review it manually and confirm your payment based on the requirements listed in this policy to make sure that you were following them. The low rate is a matter of the subjective taste of the artist. The higher your rates are from the artists, the more you will get new tracks to work with!

Here, we rely on your creativity, engagement, and willingness to help independent artists.

Please note that the videos are public and can be watched by everyone.


The usage of a VPN for any reason will lead to the immediate termination of the account. If our platform isn’t supported in the creator’s country, the creator can’t become a part of SoundCampaign. The location of their bank account won’t have any impact in this case.

In case of a breach of our terms and guidelines, all earnings, including pending payouts, will be deleted.

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