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Artist protection program: get credit automatically
Artist protection program: get credit automatically

A unique program we've created to protect our artists' interests. We are the only company that offers you credits for non-reviewed songs.

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What is the "Artist Protection Program" for our campaigns?

Our Artist Protection Program for Spotify campaigns allows you to get a credit every time a curator does not provide a review of your tracks.

With our Artist Protection Program for TikTok campaigns, you receive a credit when the videos don't meet the requirements left for the creators.

Please keep in mind that this reimbursement applies only when you don't receive reviews from curators, it is not offered if curators do not add your track to their playlists or in any other scenario.

You will have to wait until your campaign ends to be able to see your credit. It is not possible to obtain it while the campaign is running.

How does it work?

The reimbursement will be done automatically and you will receive it right away to your balance on your artist dashboard. You will be able to use this balance for your next campaign.

Note: this is the only way to receive a credit, you cannot receive it back to your PayPal or credit card balance.

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