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How does our affiliate program work?
How does our affiliate program work?
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An affiliate program allows you to earn commission revenue for referring traffic to our website. Each SoundCampaign referral partner is assigned a unique link. When an artist successfully accomplishes the first campaign, you will receive 10% of that campaign's budget.

What do I need to become an affiliate?

  1. Go to the signup page and complete your registration.

  2. Once your registration is complete, you’ll find an affiliate link in your personal dashboard.

  3. Share your personal affiliate link on your platforms – like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – to begin generating revenue

  4. Start receiving 10% of the first campaign from each person to sign up from your link.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a special URL with unique parameters used to assign commissions to your account. You will be assigned this URL after registering for our program.

Does it cost anything to participate in an affiliate program?

No, participation in the SoundCampaign Affiliate Program is absolutely free.

Who is most interested in SoundCampaign’s services?

Our services appeal to both artists who make money from music professionally and people for whom music is a beloved hobby. We serve artists who want to promote their music on Spotify, PR managers, representatives of record labels, promotion agencies, and more.

Is SoundCampaign legitimate?

Yes, SoundCampaign is completely legitimate and safe. We diligently abide by Spotify's Terms & Conditions to protect the integrity of our artists and curators. You can read more about this here.

Where can I track my earnings?

After registering for our affiliate program, you receive access to your dashboard, where you can see status, date, number of referrals, and commissions earned. Also you can see a list of your payments.

How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

SoundCampaign’s Affiliate Program uses cookies to track your referrals. When a visitor clicks your affiliate link, a cookie is placed on their computer. The default cookie lifespan is 60 days. When the artist pays for their first campaign, our system checks for a referral cookie. This process is automatic. All your referrals will be properly tracked.

Can I sign up on behalf of my clients through my own affiliate link?

No, your potential referrals have to use only affiliate link.

What is the minimum payout amount?

Payments are made via PayPal, and can be withdrawn when your earnings will exceed $50.

Can I promote SoundCampaign through pay-per-click search engines?

We do not allow any type of paid advertising of our affiliate links on search engines like Google and Bing, or on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, unless you are linking to your SoundCampaign review or a page where SoundCampaign is prominently displayed with top positioning. Please note that trademark keyword bidding is not permitted and is grounds for immediate termination from our affiliate program.

Can I get a commission for referring myself?

No, you will not receive credit for referring yourself.

Where can I find SoundCampaign’s graphics?

You can find them here. Please make sure you use graphics properly according to our requirements.

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