Why use SoundCampaign?

There are many things that make us stand out among our competitors. Get to know some of them!

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1) Our numbers and performance

During this time that we have been on the road, we have achieved incredible results. We have built a platform with +10K playlists, ​+1,200 different music genres, and +900 curators.

Moreover, we have allowed our artists to reach more than 157 million streams.

All of this shows not just our commitment but our huge impact when it comes to promoting artists' music.

Do you want to be a part of our juicy statistics?

2) The only company that credits you

With us, you are protected and safe as a customer under our unique Artist Protection Program, which allows you to get credited automatically if by any chance any of the curators that received your song doesn't provide at least a review about it.

You can learn more about our Artist Protection Program by clicking here.

3) Safety environment

Unlike most sites out there, we work by following Spotify's rules.

This is one of the things that make us stand out among our competitors since we ensure your campaign and you are in a safe situation. Payola, as well as any other fraudulent activity, is not acceptable on our platform.

Furthermore, to make your experience even safer, we do regular checks to make sure that the followers of the playlists we work with are real. We protect you from any potential risk.

4) Customized assistance

We are 24/7 there for you, ready to solve your doubts, concerns, and to help you when it comes to setting up your campaign.

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