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After you have received our confirmation email stating that your campaign was approved by our A&R team, you will still be able to edit the genres you want to target, the number of curators and playlists you want to reach, and the budget you want to invest in your campaign.

Note: if you want to change the song, you will have to create another campaign.

When you are ready to go, you just have to schedule your campaign, select the date you want it to start, and proceed with the payment.

You can decide whether to schedule the campaign on a specific day or let it start 48 hours after your payment was taken.

How to understand the ''Schedule campaign'' step?

  • Playlists reach - the number of playlists you are targeting.

  • Total curators - the number of curators who can review your track.

  • Start and end date - The 14-day period when your campaign will be running.

  • Total playlist followers - The number of people who follow the playlists owned by the curators reviewing your song.

Screenshot of how looks the ''Schedule campaign'' step.

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