How can I relaunch my campaign?

It’s possible to relaunch your campaign after it ends and have your song sent to different playlist curators.

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When your campaign ends, you can immediately re-promote your song by clicking the "Relauch'' button. It will automatically exclude all curators who received your song for your initial campaign. Your track will match different curators.

Advantages of campaign relaunch:

  • expand your reach - your track will be reviewed by a different group of curators, and the previous ones will be excluded from the selection

  • improve campaign results: based on the curator’s reviews, you can adjust the genres or language settings to get better results while running the campaign

How to relaunch my campaign?

1) Please go to the Campaigns page and click on the symbol next to the Details button of the campaign you want to relaunch. Only campaigns in ended status can be relaunched and each campaign can be relaunched only once.

Look for the campaign you want to renew and click ''Relaunch''.

You can also relaunch a campaign if you go to the Campaign page and click the button Relaunch located in the right upper corner.

2) On the following page, adjust the settings (if needed) or keep them the same as before.

This time the campaign will be sent to different curators, the ones you had in a previous campaign won’t be able to review it again.

Schedule your campaign and proceed with the payment.

The relaunched campaign will appear as relaunched on the Campaigns page.

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