At SoundCampaign, we are completely careful when it comes to deciding which curators will be part of our network of collaborators. Hence, we have established some formal procedures that allow us guaranteeing the integrity of our platform. One of the most important ones is the initial validation process we start once a curator has applied.

How does it work?

Our team will manually check your playlists (relying on self-developed and third-party renowned tools, as well as on Spotify's official data) in order to find how relevant they have been for the artists contained on them when it comes to getting discovered by new listeners and boost their general stats (saves, new followers, etc.). This will permit us to grasp if your playlists generate value or not.

Thus, since we want to test out the potential and activity of your listeners before you officially join us, we will also need to wait until you add one of our artists' songs to see if your playlists are impactful. Naturally, this may generate some delay in the validation process. It might take more time.

Furthermore, we will check the legitimacy of your playlists in respect to organic growth and some other requirements you that can read about by clicking here.

What this process entails?

In the meantime that your account is being validated by us, there will be some restrictions you must take into account. Such restrictions imply the following:

1) Despite your ranking, you will be paid 1 USD per reviewed song. This means that even if your score is high and should allow you to be classified in a higher position of the ranking system for curators (which determines how much will you get paid, and which you can check out here), you will temporarily be assigned the aforementioned rate.

2) If you earn extra points whilst your account is on validation, this won't impact your earnings. As stated above, you will get paid at a 1 USD rate per song until your account/playlists are fully approved. However, once your account has successfully passed our filters, the scores you have been earning will be valid and will start impacting your upcoming payment rate, allowing you to earn a higher reward if that's the case.

3) Bear in mind we receive hundreds of applications per day from new curators, therefore the validation process may take a while to be completed, there is no fixed time. Each case is different. In addition, we dedicate special attention to all of the applications to find out if those curators deserve or not a sport at SoundCampaign. We just want to work with value-adding professionals.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us via our website's live chat!

Note: you can see the status of your account by looking at the message below your profile name/picture on your SoundCampaign dashboard.

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