At this point, you have received an email from our A&R approving your track.

Now on the email, you need to click "Schedule Campaign'' and follow these steps:

1) Edit targeting

In this section, you can click on the "Edit targeting" option to start setting the first details of your campaign:

Once you have clicked on this option, you will be able to select the genres you would like to set for your campaign by typing the name of the genre in the 'Target Genres' section, as you can see in the image below:

If you need help selecting genres for your campaign, you can click on "Need help to define genres?". There you can search for an artist that you think sounds similar to your music, and the system will suggest you select some genres based on the artist you have selected.

Finally, you can select the language you would like to set for your campaign by typing the name of the language in the 'Target Languages' section, as you can see in the image below:

2) Schedule your campaign

Now you will be asked to choose a starting date for your campaign.

You can leave it as it is.

If you do, the campaign will start running on the chosen date.

If not, it will start running 48 hours after the payment is received.

You can click on the "Edit start date" option to choose a specific date on which you want your campaign to start, as shown in the image above.

3) Adjust your budget

You will be able to enter the campaign budget you are willing to invest in your promotion. The system will adjust the campaign price considering the genres and language you have selected for your campaign.

For example, if you want to invest 100 USD in your campaign, you can enter this amount and the system will adjust the budget to the nearest price. In addition, we will also show you the number of followers you can reach with that budget, the percentage of playlists, and the total number of playlists for the genres and languages you set before.

You can change the price according to what fits the best for your budget.

Note: check these tips to know how to lower your campaign's price.

You can also enter a specific number of followers instead of a budget, and the system will show you the price and total reach in the same way.

Please note that the budget or followers you choose will affect the performance of the campaign, as the higher it is, the more playlist curators, genres, and audience you will be able to reach. Pricing will vary depending on these three parameters.

4) Confirm and Pay

Finally, just check everything is set up as desired and proceed with the payment by clicking ''Pay & Start''.

Note: You can add a promotional code by clicking on the "+promo code" option and typing the code manually before clicking on Pay & Start.

And that's it!

Your campaign has been successfully scheduled, set up, and paid and will start running on the selected date for 14 days.

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