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At this time, we don’t offer the option to limit a campaign to specific geographic boundaries. However, you can target your song to playlists based on vocal settings, either in a specific language or "No vocal" for instrumental songs.

Depending on the selected language, you can reach playlists with that language only or playlists that have no language preference and are open to different languages. You might also make sure the song isn’t sent to playlists that only accept instrumental songs.

This will prevent your song from being sent to irrelevant curators and will also help you reach the audience that speaks the language relevant to your song.

If your song is purely instrumental, select the "No vocal" option in target languages.

In addition, you can use genres based on culture or region, which will make your targeting more specific. For example, while you won't be able to create a campaign limited only to people in Sweden, you can launch a campaign targeting Swedish playlists such as Swedish Pop, Swedish Electronic, Nordic Music, etc.

With this strategy, you’ll target the same audience from a specific country. Of course, it doesn't mean that all listeners will be Swedish but they are likely to be from there.

Note: we are considering adding these geography-based campaign features in the future.

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