What's a campaign?

''Campaign'' is the name we give to the specific promotional strategy through the one you will promote a song.

Therefore, it is a unique project you create, jointly with us, in order to promote your music.

Naturally, every campaign is different since each one is related to a different song and hence a different strategy

This also means their prices will vary.

Which are the characteristics of a campaign?

  • Campaigns run for 14 days. After that, and if you want, you can renew it.

  • Campaigns are individuals. They can run just for one song.

  • Campaigns target music genres. This allows you to send your song just to relevant playlist curators.

  • Campaigns can not be edited once they are paid.

  • Campaigns' performance is impacted by the budget you invest in.

  • You can run several campaigns at the time (but not for the same song, in this case, you will need to wait after the initial campaign ends).

  • Every campaign has an 'Audience Size', which means the potential public that can listen to your song.

  • You can start your campaign on a specific date.

  • Campaigns are just possible for tracks published in Spotify.

  • Campaigns' costs can go from even $20 to a thousand dollars.

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