You can promote your whole album with us, but you will need to create an individual campaign for every track that it contains.

For example, if your album has 10 songs, you will need to run 10 different campaigns for each song your album has.

The reason why the process is like that, is because in that way we can track better the performance of each song, which allows us to provide you with a complete report full of useful stats that will let you get a better picture of the impact your music has on the public.
Also, it is easier for curators to receive songs in that way than from receiving a lot of tracks out of the blue.

What are the steps to create a campaign for my album?

1) Go to your artist dashboard and create a campaign for one of the tracks on your album.

2) Send it for review by our A&R team.

3) Wait until our A&R team contacts you and give you information about prices and audience size.

4) Schedule and pay your campaign.

5) Repeat these steps for the rest of the songs of your album.

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