What's my role as a curator?

As a curator on SoundCampaign, your mission will be to listen to the artists' songs in order for you to provide them an honest but respectful review of those tracks.

Also, you will have to decide whether or not to add the artists' songs to your playlist.

Note: you are not obligated to add a song to your playlist if you do not like it.

The purpose is to provide value to the artists and help them get discovered by the listeners of your playlists, as well as give them insights through your reviews so that they can have a professional opinion about their tracks.

What are the requirements to be a curator?

In order to become one of our curators, you will need to have a playlist with at least 400 followers on it.

Take into account that all of them must be real and organic followers.

Our system will check if there's any unusual activity on your playlist, and even if we detect just one fake follower, you won't be accepted until your playlist is clean.

Moreover, these checks will be continuously done from time to time to verify everything is working as it should be.

How much will I get paid as a curator?

The payments are based on a 15-position rank system we have created, and which is based on scores.

On the lowest rank, you get paid $1 per each song you review, and on the highest level, you get paid $14 per each song you review.

For rank #1 (the lowest one) the required score is 0. For rank #15 (the highest one) the required score is 650.000.

The score depends on the points you earn. They are calculated and given based on the amount of playlists followers you have, and the value you give to the artists (streams, followers, etc.)

You can check more information about the scores on the 'Rank' page located on the left sidebar menu on your curator dashboard.

What's my initial score?

Your initial score when joining us will depend on this simple operation: your number of followers on each playlist divided into 3.

Example: curator Jane Doe joins us with 2 playlists of 1000 followers each one.

Result: curator Jane Doe's score when joining us will be 666 (1,000/3 + 1,000/3) and therefore will be level 1 as for level 2 he needs at least 1,500 points.

​Extra points are the ones that will help you go make it to the rank #15, and you get them as long as you are helping artists to get discovered on Spotify and get listeners due to the additions of their songs to your playlists.

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