SoundCampaign does not guarantee any results, but we can give you some valuable tips that we have seen have worked for our artists during these years.

Feel free to take some notes for yourself.

1) Get a proper master

Quality plays an important role when it comes to being added to a playlist. Curators are usually expecting high-quality audio and a decent master of your track.

You do not need a World-class studio, nor an expensive gear. Just make sure the quality of your track is good enough. Always ask yourself if you would listen to a song with quality like yours.

2) Do a market-research

Think about it like a business.

Would you launch a product to the market without having it tested before by an experimental public?

Music works in a similar way. For sure artists can know by heart if a song will kill it when launched, as there might be some patterns that can lead to success. Even though, they always make sure their friends, family, and even people they do not know listen to it. It is helpful because they will get insights based on those people's reactions.

3) Target the right amount of playlists

You need to be strategic with the number of genres and hence the number of playlists you choose.

Even though you won't know the curators that will receive your song, we will show you how many followers their playlists have, as well as how many playlists of the genres you are choosing exist. For example, if you target Rock music, you will see how many playlists we have for that genre and what's the audience size for it. This can help you to think in a more logical and cold way.

In sum, the more genres, the more probabilities.

4) Target suitable music genres

Choose genres that match yours and avoid targeting those with no coherency or relevance for your track.

Although we recommend you go for a wide selection of genres, select those that are somehow related to your track.

For example, your song's primary genre can be Electro-pop, but you might target other relevant ones like Dance-Pop or Indie-Pop.

Note: you can reach out to us through our chat if you need a hand with the genres selection, just keep in mind it is a personal opinion and does not guarantee you success.

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