The results from your campaign depend on many factors such as:

  • Amount of curators that will receive your song

  • Amount of playlist additions you get

  • The budget you invested in your campaign

  • High-quality audio of your track

  • The right selection of genres for your campaign

  • Amount of genres you target

SoundCampaign does not guarantee any kind of results. What we do is connecting you with an exclusive selection of independent curators from all over the world.

The sole intention of our service is for you to get reviewed by those curators, as they have experience in the music field and can give you some orientation and tips to improve your track if necessary. Or to give insights about your career.

Furthermore, curators will decide if they add your song or not to their lists. Remind that if you get added and for any reason, you don't get the number of streams you expected on that playlist, that does not depend on us.

As stated before, the fact that you are added to a playlist -and hence the streams you get- are just a collateral effect of our services. SoundCampaign does not take responsibility for that.

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