Here you will get familiar with some words that might be key points for you to enhance your interaction with the curator's platform.

  • Rank: it is a points-based system to classify our curators, and therefore the way they will be paid. Levels go from 1 to 15, being 1 the lowest and 15 the highest achievable level.

  • Playlist score: it is what determines in which level a curator will be included. It is the number of points you have. In other words, they are points. You will earn them as long as you are helping artists getting discovered on Spotify and getting listeners.

  • Payout: the money our curators can ask for their job. Payouts are sent through bank transfer. We send them to your local bank account using TransferWise.

  • Activity Ratio: it is basically how many active listeners you have in a month compared to the total amount of followers you have. In other words, this is the number of active listeners you have monthly for any given playlist.

  • Status of your playlist: it is a metric that shows if your playlist qualifies or not to be taken into account for us. There are just two possible displayable scenarios for the status: ''Does meet de conditions'' or Does not meet the conditions''.

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