Setting up your campaign

1) Go to and click on the "I'm an Artist" button:

2) Hit on the "Create Campaign" button:

3) Then you will add your track and click on ''Continue''

You will add your song, copying the URL of it from Spotify. Keep in mind we just work with songs published on Spotify at this point.

Also, remind that our TikTok feature is still under construction. It will be available soon.

4) You fill the blanks and click on ''Send for Review''.

You will need to write down your name, last name country, role (if you are an artist, music label, etc.), and your email.

5) Your track is submitted and our A&R team will review it.

Then you can just click on ''Continue'' and you will be landed on your artist dashboard.

What's next?

If our A&R Department (Artist & Repertoire) approves your track, then you will receive an email from us. It will contain all the information regarding prices and audience size for your campaign. At that moment you can adjust the price depending on your preferences, as well as select the genres you want to target.

When you are ready to go, schedule your campaign, and do the payment.

The campaign will start 48 hours after the payment was taken or will start on a specific date if you want it. The campaign will last 14 days.

Note: remember that once paid, your campaign can not be canceled or edited.

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