Go to SoundCampaign

Open the email from SoundCampaign and follow the Schedule Campaign link in it.

Follow these steps:

1) Edit track settings

In this section, you will see the genres and language settings selected upon creating the campaign.

You can update the track settings if necessary. These settings will affect the number of playlists selected for your budget, so feel free to experiment with them to find the best option.

2) Select the start date

Your campaign will start in 48 hours days by default. If you would like to postpone the start date, use the "Edit start date" option.

3) Set campaign budget

Select or enter the budget you are willing to invest in your promotion. Based on your budget, the system will select the relevant playlists for your track. Playlists with the most number of matching genres will be prioritized.

You will also see the total number of followers of the matched playlists. Remember that followers do not mean expected listeners. This number may vary depending on the playlist activity, which is individual. If you edit the genres or language settings, your budget estimate will be updated accordingly.

Note: check these tips to know how to lower your campaign's price.

4) Confirm and Pay

Finally, just check everything is set up as desired and proceed with the payment by clicking ''Pay & Start''.

Note: You can add a promotional code by clicking the "+promo code" option and typing the code manually before clicking Pay & Start.

And that's it!

Your campaign has been successfully scheduled, set up, paid, and will start running on the selected date for 14 days.

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