Payment sent but not received

If your payment has been sent but hasn’t yet arrived in your bank account, there are several factors that may impact this process.

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Please check the factors that might influence the process:

  • Some banks take longer to process transfers.

  • Your bank might need to look for our transaction manually. If your payment is taking too long to arrive, ask your bank to check for it. Contact our support team if your bank asks for a transaction receipt.

  • Your payment may have been incorrectly entered. Make sure everything is right on your end, as we cannot take responsibility for the information you provide.

  • Your bank account hasn’t been set up to receive international transactions. Some banks will require you to go to your online bank account to authorize international transactions so that you can receive them.

  • The transaction has been rejected by your bank for some reason. You will need to contact your bank for more information.

  • Suspicious activity has been detected on your account, which means that your payout has been put on hold until you provide strong evidence to confirm the legitimacy of your playlists.

Note: If you have already checked all of these and your payment still has not arrived, please feel free to reach out to us via our online chat.

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