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How can I request my first payment?
How can I request my first payment?

You can request your payment right away to your local bank account.

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You can request your first payment via your curator dashboard. Wise carries out all our transfers. Your payment will be sent in USD and converted into your local currency before it’s deposited into your bank account.

The minimum requestable amount for payout is $20.

Requesting your payment: a step by step guideline

1) Go to your curator dashboard and click Balance, then select Request Payout.

In the red bar in the upper part of your screen, click on the link which reads Click here to add a bank account.

2) Choose the currency of your country. If it doesn’t appear in the list, select USD.

3) Fill in the required banking information.

For some currencies, you will need to fill out not the Local bank account section but the section next to it. Please refer to the image below.

4) Save your changes, then click Balance on the left-side menu, then select Request Payout.

That's it!

It can take up to 10 business days for you to receive your payment.

For future payouts, after you have added your payment details you will need to click the Request Payot button only.

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