Is it legit and safe?

Yes, SoundCampaign is legit and safe.

We work following Spotify's Terms & Conditions to protect the integrity of our artists and curators. We make sure to promote a safe community.

You can build up your career as a musician or as a curator having the warranty that you won't get banned or blocked from Spotify since everything is being done the right way.

Other companies can not guarantee you that.

How can I be sure about it?

It is pretty easy to recognize when a music promotion company is legit or not.

There are some behaviors that are a red flag. The number one is payola.

What is payola?

Payola is when a company or playlist curator accepts money/goods/favors from artists in order to add them on a playlist.

In other words: it is paying for guaranteed placements and streams.

We prefer to call it ''cheating''.

As you might already know, on SoundCampaign things are totally different.

Artists can not have prior contact with our curators or even know who they are unless their songs get reviewed or/and added to a playlist.

Furthermore, curators have the last word when it comes to adding a song to their lists.

If they like your song, they will add it. It is that simple. We respect their criteria and can not and would not control their decisions.

It is safe to say that our platform is 100% organic, legit, and transparent.

Real interactions, real listeners, a solid legal framework, and zero tolerance for cheaters.

That's how we do it. That's the SoundCampaign way.

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