At this point, we do not offer the option of limiting a campaign to specific geographical boundaries.

This means that if you want your campaign to run just in UK or United States, for example, we can not help you with that. In fact, any similar company out there offers this kind of service.

Nevertheless, we focus on solutions, not problems.

We can give you something similar that might have almost the same effect.

What we can do for you is setting up a language-based, cultural-based or region-based campaign, which would have a similar impact as limiting it to certain geographical boundaries.

For example, you would not be able to create a campaign limited just to people inside Sweden's territory, but you would be able to launch a campaign that targets Swedish playlists such as Swedish Pop, Swedish Electronic, Nordic Music, etc.

Basically through this strategy, you would be targeting the same public from a specific country.

Of course, it does not mean all the listeners will be Swedish, but it is safe to say that they are likely to be from there.

Note: we are studying the possibility with our Development Team of adding these geographic-based campaigns characteristic in the future.

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