How should I write my reviews?

There's no specific required structure for the reviews, it’s important that you always think of offering value to our artists.

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There are neither templates nor particular structures that must be followed for writing reviews, but it’s crucial to meet our requirements. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more information. Overall, keep the following in mind:

  • Write your reviews in a respectful and professional manner

  • Be detailed and objective while describing your impression of the track

  • Avoid being rude, offensive, subjective, or offering unconstructive negative judgments

  • Try to mention something that will help the artist grow

  • If you decide not to add a track to your playlist, be reasonable in explaining why

Please also check the examples of proper and improper reviews.

A good example of a well-prepared review

''The song does not really follow the criteria of my playlist. Nevertheless, I would like to highlight the track's excellent quality; the master is really good. Besides, the harmonization of the voices impressed me''.

This review is good as it is detailed and shows real appreciation for the artist's work and recommendations.

A good example of a non-suitable review

''The track is boring and I do not know why the artists even dared to select this kind of music genre.''

This review is vague, it can also be considered offensive.

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