There are no templates, no particular structures that must be or should be followed. The only instruction: provide your reviews within a respectful and professional framework to keep the excellent atmosphere on our platform.

Even though, we can give you some examples of what might be considered a proper and complete review, as well as what could probably be considered a vague one, not that suitable or even susceptible to be reported by artists, which will affect you.

A good example of a well-prepared review

''The song does not really match my music taste and does not follow the criteria of my playlist. Nevertheless, I would like to highlight the track's excellent quality; the master is really good. Besides, the harmonization of the voices impressed me. Next time I would suggest the artist try to reach a down-tempo music playlist, as mine is way too energetic and probably my followers would not enjoy it is a playlist to be heard during workouts''.

This review is good as it is detailed and shows real appreciation for the artist's work and recommendations.

A good example of a non-suitable review

''The track is boring and I do not know why the artists even dared to select this kind of music genre.''

This review is too vague, plus it can be considered offensive.

Note: we also invite you to review these tips that might helpful for you when it comes to reviewing a song.

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