It is not possible for us to revealing the names of our curators before your campaign starts.

The reason is simple: privacy policies.

We are committed to our platform's excellent atmosphere, and that includes following some privacy guidelines.

Think about it this way: if you get to know the curators that will receive your song before starting your campaign, what would stop you from contacting them right away instead of using our platform?

Our role as supervisors of the communication between you and them in case that something will be undermined.

Also, contacting curators before and outside our platform would put at risk your money as you wouldn't have guarantees that they will do what promised. With us, your payment is secure, and our team inspects the process to make sure that curators will not cheat you.

Moreover, Payola's is illegal according to Spotify's terms (artists making deals with curators to pay for being playlisted).

This is why the only way you can know the curators' names is by getting reviewed by them and/or having your song added to one of their playlists.

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