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Sometimes, Spotify will allow you to merge your old account into a new one.

As a result, curators ask us to transfer their score and balance from the SoundCampaign account associated with their old Spotify account to their new one.

Our support team can help you with this, but please take the following points into account:

  • You must create a new SoundCampaign account by signing up with your new Spotify account.

  • You’ll be asked to verify your old email account to make sure it belongs to you.

  • You must have exactly the same playlists and number of followers on your new Spotify account, or we won’t be able to give you the same score.

  • Any bonus points you had earned before will be transferred.

  • Any pending payout will be moved to your new account. If a payout has already been requested, you need to wait for it to first be received first on your old account.

  • Your old SoundCampaign account will be deleted after completing this process.

  • The process can take several days to complete.

What information do I need to provide to request the transfer process?

1) your email address associated with your old Spotify account

2) your email address associated with your new Spotify account

3) a screenshot of your old account's dashboard to confirm your current score

Please send everything to us via live chat on our website.

Important: the transfer process is possible upon request only. We reserve the right to refuse your request.

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