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Every time you refresh the website or log in/log out, the system randomly mixes the curators which influences the price. Different groups of curators will have different playlists with different impacts.

Let’s say you are targeting Folk and we have 100 curators with this genre. The system initially shows you 20 curators for a price of 100 USD. After you refresh the page, the price might change to 110 USD, but this time your campaign will match 15 curators out of 100.

Why does the price change even though you see fewer curators?

Depending on the number of playlist followers, new curators can generate better interactions.

If we return to our example, a group of 15 curators will have a higher price as they tend to provide high influence for the artists, helping them to be listened to or discovered, or having more engagement on their playlists.

That's, basically, how it works.

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