There are four major requirements your playlists must meet to join our network:

1) A minimum of 400 followers.

2) Completely organic earned and active listeners.

3) A minimum of 20 songs on your playlists.

4) Value-adding playlists.

Regarding the second one, when you apply as a curator, your account/playlists pass through an automatic checking process that allows us to verify if your account is safe. Also, even if you pass these controls and you join us, periodically, we will be doing controls to check that everything is genuine.

If we find you have been using bots at any point, you will immediately -and permanently will be blocked from our platform. We have zero tolerance for cheaters.

Please be careful and make sure all of your playlist's followers are organic, active, and real. The usage of bots, buying followers, or creating fake accounts to increase your followers is forbidden.

Furthermore, bear in mind we do not accept these types of playlists:

  • Movie/series soundtrack playlists.

  • Playlists that change their title to attract followers, for example, changing their title to one related to a famous TV show being broadcasted.

  • Playlists making reference to a specific album, song, artist, or band.

  • Playlists focused on a specific decade or period, for instance, ''90s music''.

  • Follow X Follow playlists.

Note: do not forget we are continually tracking your activity as a curator (automatically and manually), so at any moment you use bots, we will receive a notification right away.

Besides, before you get your payment, we will check your activity manually to verify you have followed the rules.

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