Firstly, you need to take into account that streams are not under our responsibility. Remember that we do not guarantee or sell streams since it's illegal.
You can get banned/blocked from Spotify for that.

When a curator adds a song to his/her playlist, this does not mean you will get a huge flow of streams immediately because many factors might impact the number of streams your track can achieve.

Some of those factors can be associated with this: length of the song, position of the song on the playlist where it was added, listeners' behavior, etc.

Understanding it better

Let us explain you this through one of the hypothetical situations that can happen:

Some people can follow a playlist because those lists gather in the same place several songs these people already like and know.

So, they will most of the time go to that playlist to listen to the same songs. Few times will they activate the shuffle mode, and therefore it is less likely that they discover the new songs being added to that list.

Through this example, you can see why getting streams is not that easy or fast as it might seem.

Also, there's no need to worry.

Remember that, even after your campaign with us has ended, the curator can still keep your song for more time on their playlists.
This means that you can get streams later on. Can take days or weeks.

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