There are some reasons why your score can be decreased by us.

If you find out that your score has been decreased, this might be some of the following reasons:

1) System abuse
Among all of your playlists, maybe you have one with a lot of followers but you are never adding songs to it. Instead, you add the songs to smaller playlists. This can make us think that you just have that big playlist in order to have a higher score and hence earning more money, but not to help artists.

Yes, you are not obligated to add a song if you don't like it, but you must be aware that you can still add those ones you like. Keep in mind that your commitment to us and our artists is to help them to be discovered.

2) Fraudulent activity

Another common reason is that you've been fraudulently earning scores.

Maybe because of bots/fake/non-active followers. In this case, we are obligated not just to remove your score but also to block you from our platform until we can assure your playlist is suitable and safe for our artists.

3) Playlist's status changed
This is somehow related to the points mentioned above. If we see system abuse, fraudulent activity, or any particular unusual situation on a specific playlist of yours, we will deactivate it by changing your playlist status from ''Meets the requirements'' to ''Does not meet the requirements''.

In other words: your playlist won't be taken into account for us.

4) The same song reviewed twice( or any other bug)
Sometimes, it can happen that, because of the maintenances we do to our platform, some temporal bugs may appear, and you can receive a song that you already listened to and reviewed (among other potential bugs).

As soon as we detect the irregular activity, the earnings given will be removed.

We know it's not your fault, and we apologize if this happens to you at some point.

5) You have lost followers on your playlists

Your playlists' followers affect your score. Hence, if at some point, and for any reason, you lose some of them, your score will be impacted as well.

What if I have an objection, or I believe I did nothing wrong?

We will always be there to hear you and to clarify any apparent inconveniences.

If you think any of the situations mentioned above fit in your case or think nothing wrong has been done from your side, please reach out to us through our live chat on our website.

One of our specialists will assist you in hand to understand what happened and, if necessary, escalate the situation with the right department to double-check.

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