We understand you can have concerns regarding your payouts, but you can have peace of mind: you will always receive your money.

Also, you need to take into account these factors that might affect the duration of the transaction by delaying it more time than the normal:

  • Some banks are slower than others. For example, several of them may close early some days, they only process transfers in the morning, or need to make security checks.

  • Your bank needs to look for our transaction manually. This is related to the first point. If the payment is taking too much to arrive, you should ask your bank to look for a transfer from us. The bank may need to see a receipt. You can ask us and we will provide it to you.

  • You did not set up the information correctly. Please make sure your banking information is the right one. We do not take responsibility for the information you submit.

  • You have not activated or set up your bank account to receive international transactions. Some banks will require you to go to your online banking and authorize international transactions so that you can receive them.

  • Your bank rejected the transaction. This can be related to any of these mentioned factors, or maybe other ones too.

  • We may have detected suspicious activity on your account and therefore your payout is ''frozen'' until you can provide meaningful and solid proofs that depict the legitimacy of your playlists.

Note: please, if you already checked all of the factors mentioned above, but still your payment does not arrive, feel free to reach out to us through our online chat on our website.

We will gladly verify that everything is ok and will help you as soon as possible. Have with you the name of the bank account holder to we will provide you faster assistance.

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