What is payola?

Payola is when a company or music promoter accepts money/goods/favors from artists in order to add them to a playlist.

In other words: it is paying for guaranteed placements and streams.

We prefer to call it ''cheating''.

Can I receive payola?

We make sure to do things right. Likewise, we make sure to keep a safe environment for our artists. They trust us and our platform.

For this reason, we have a zero-tolerance policy for payola.

It is very unlikely that it happens due to the strict controls we do on our platform.

Nevertheless, if it happened, we would immediately take legal measures as you would put into risk our artists and us.

What should I do if I am offered payola?

Report it right away with us if somehow you are being offered payola.

You will not just be protecting our community, but covering your back.

Reach out to our specialists through our live chat on our website to report this kind of situation.

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