Number of playlist followers

In order to be a curator on our platform, you must have at least a playlist with 400 real and organic followers.

This means that the followers on your playlists must be real, and not bots or bought fake/inactive accounts.

Every single follower you have must have been earned through a natural growing process.

If this is not your case, please try again when you have a 100% real and genuine playlist with the requirements mentioned above.

Otherwise, our automated system will detect these abnormalities and will block you from our platform.

Number of songs on your playlists

Another important requirement you must fulfill is having a minimum number of 20 songs on the playlists you want to use at SoundCampaign. We won't accept you as a curator if you have playlists without any songs included or if the number of songs included is inferior to the one already mentioned.

Value-generator playlists

Even though we do not sell streams/save/followers, we want to make sure that our artists get the highest chances to get exposure and boost their numbers if they are added to your lists.

Hence, we want your playlists to be valuable and to generate remarkable interactions for our customers.

Thus, your playlist must already have helped artists to get discovered through it.

We will check (using our own algorithm) if, in fact, your playlist is useful when it comes to helping artists to get discovered. If we find it's not, you won't be accepted.

Expected behaviors

We expect you to listen to the songs thoroughly when reviewing.

Also, you should provide an explanatory review when your reply to the artists.

Always be respectful and go to the details, don't be vague.

Remember that you have a commitment not just with us, but especially with our artists.

Forbidden behaviors

You must not do any of the following things:

  • Submitting a review without listening to the song.

  • Sharing personal or contact information in your reviews.

  • Contacting artists outside of our platform.

  • Leaving vague reviews such as ''I do not like it''.

  • Adding a song and not keeping it for at least 7 days.

  • Having a playlist with a huge number of followers to abuse the system by earning high payouts and never adding a song to it.

Is there any exclusivity?

No. Meanwhile, you are part of our curators' community, you can also be a curator on other similar platforms.

Important note: going against any of these guidelines can mean an automatic ban for you from our platform.

Even though we respect your criteria and you have total freedom to decide over your playlists, those mentioned above are basic rules that must be followed.

We wouldn't like you to pass through an uncomfortable situation, so please stick to the guidelines.

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